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Motives Online Party

As the hostess how do I receive my 15% off in free products after hosting an online party?

Your Motives Beauty Advisor will contact you with the total sales and product credit you have earned from your online party. The free products are awarded to you by your Motives Beauty Advisor and not Motives Cosmetics, the company. Please share with her the products you would like to get based on the party sales.

How do I invite my friends and family to my online party?

Once your party is setup it’s as easy as accessing your party page from "my account" and sharing your party link on Facebook and social media. You can also use the link sent to you in the email you received once the party has been scheduled. This link can be used to email friends as well.

How do my online party guests get 10% off their purchases?

When a friend visits your party link a 10% discount will automatically be applied to your order as long as it is placed before the party ends. Please note, discount will only display when placing your order.

As the hostess do I also get 10% off?

Yes, as the hostess you get 10% off of your purchases during the duration of the party (by visiting your party page) and in addition you get 15% in free product on your friends’ purchases (not on your own personal purchase).

Does the 10% party discount expire?

The 10% discount is valid for the length of the online party.

The Basics

Who should host a Motives Party?

Anyone who loves cosmetics and wants to learn about the hottest new colors, makeup tips and trends of makeup applications.

Is there a cost to hosting a Motives Party?

No not at all; in fact, you earn free cosmetics just by inviting your friends! So all you need to be responsible for is inviting your friends and the Beauty Advisor will do the rest.

How do I connect with a Beauty Advisor?

Connect with a Beauty Advisor Here.

Are your products tested on animals?

Absolutely not! Our products are never tested on animals and are made of the highest-quality ingredients!

Planning your Motives Party

How far in advance should I plan my Motives Party?

At least one week in advance makes for a successful Motives Party. But it really depends on how fast you can get your friends together.

How many guests do I need to have?

In order to have a successful party, you should have a minimum of four friends!

What should I do about invitations?

Contact your Beauty Advisor who will provide you with invitations, at no cost to you, for you to send out to all of your friends!

Can I have food and drinks at my party?

We suggest that you limit food and drinks at your party so you can focus on the products. However, light snacks are fine.

Sharing the beauty through your Motives Beauty Advisor

What should I expect at my Motives Party?

You can expect a well-trained Beauty Advisor to set up and bring all of the Motives cosmetics line. You can also expect a fabulous, fun time with a great group of girls while learning about the hottest new colors and makeup techniques.

Is my apartment too small?

Absolutely not! Whatever is comfortable for you and your friends is perfect!

Can I have a Motives Party somewhere other than my home?

Yes. You can host a Beauty Show anywhere.

Can a friend host a Motives Party with me?

Yes, of course!

Will my friends and I get to see all of the cosmetics at the Motives Party?

Your Beauty Advisor will have a large range of Motives cosmetics on hand

What forms of payment are accepted at Beauty Shows?

Consult your Beauty Advisor.

When will guests receive their orders?

Some guests may receive their order on the same day, if the Beauty Advisor has stock with them. Others will receive their orders within two to seven days.