Loren Ridinger

Creative Director and Founder

A little inspiration goes along way. In the case of Loren Ridinger, it created an empire.

Growing up, Loren was inspired by some of the world's most iconic, beautiful women, including her own mother, whom she looked up to and admired.

"My mom was incredibly glamorous and loved makeup,” Loren shares. "I was mesmerized watching her apply it and interested how it gave her inner confidence."

With those visions and her passion, Motives was born.

Loren founded Motives to provide women around the world with the highest-quality cosmetics at affordable prices. Motives has become an award-winning, social media favorite and must-have brand.

With a wide spectrum of colors and an extensive range of products, Motives provides makeup that brings out a woman's unique beauty. Helping women feel fabulous on the inside and motivating them to help realize their potential, Loren's passion for beauty is in every product that bears her name.

Loren believes that if a woman loves her cosmetics then she will share them with others, which prompted her to create an opportunity for all women and men to sell Motives cosmetics.

Throughout her career as the founder of Motives; SEVP at Market America and SHOP.COM; and founder of Loren Jewels, Loren Rocks and the solution-oriented product line FIXX, Loren has been honored with many awards. But working with people and empowering them to improve their lives through achieving their goals and dreams is what she is most proud of.

Loren's passion to help others has led to her involvement with many charitable causes, including Rally for Kids with Cancer, which she co-chaired with Eva Longoria; the America Heart Association, from which she received the 2010 Big Heart Humanitarian Award; Earlier.org; the Make-a-Wish Foundation; the Jennifer Lopez Foundation; the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation; the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation; and many others.