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Proper pH balance is essential for your skin to perform its primary function as a barrier. Under normal conditions, the surface of human skin is acidic with a ...

Skintelligence™ pH Skin Normalizer


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Single Bottle (240 ml / 8 fl. oz.) | sku: MY1012
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Proper pH balance is essential for your skin to perform its primary function as a barrier. Under normal conditions, the surface of human skin is acidic with a pH ~5. This low pH value is maintained in several different ways, including through the production of free fatty acids during cell maturation, and secretion of fatty acids and lactic acid in sweat. This acidic pH helps to protect the skin against micro-organisms and to maintain the skin’s natural barrier function. Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer assists your skin in maintaining a normal pH level and promotes your skin’s natural ability to resist the effects of pollution and other environmental conditions. Formulated and pH-balanced with some natural extracts, Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer promotes clean, smooth, balanced and moisturized skin. This alcohol-free formula exfoliates dead skin cells and removes traces of dirt, makeup and other impurities which clog pores. Additionally, Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer supports elasticity and an even skin tone.


  • Exfoliates dead skin cells and removes traces of dirt and makeup
  • Conditions skin after cleansing
  • Assists your skin in maintaining a normal pH
  • Will not clog pores
  • Alcohol free


How do I use Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer?
Spray over cleansed face and neck and allow to dry.

How often should I use Skintelligence® pH Skin Normalizer?
For best results, use twice daily—once in the morning and once at night.

Is Skintelligence® pH Skin Normalizer for all skin types?
Yes, Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer can be used for all skin types; however, it is ideal for normal to oily skin types.

Why is it important to use a pH skin normalizer?
It is important because our skin is the first line of defense against the elements—Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer will naturally protect your skin from the effects of pollution and other environmental conditions.

During what part of my skincare regime should I use Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer?
Use Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer after cleansing with Skintelligence Hydra Derm Deep Cleansing Emulsion. Follow with Skintelligence Skin Perfecting Complex for skin hydration or Skintelligence Alpha 24 Triple Revitalizing Complex for exfoliation.

Is Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer tested on animals?
No, Skintelligence products are not tested on animals.


Horsetail Extract
Horsetail extract is rich in saponins, flavonoids, and plant-based silica. These natural plant compounds help to support healthy skin circulation and connective tissues, making your skin feel smoother, firmer, and invigorated.

Calendula Extract
Calendula extracts are derived from pot marigolds and have antioxidant and soothing properties. The properties of calendula help to calm and soothe irritated skin as well as help the skin maintain a softer, smoother appearance.

Lemongrass Extract
Derived from the aromatic lemongrass plant, lemongrass extracts help to cleanse and protect your skin. Additionally, lemongrass has great properties that help maintain the skin’s normal oil balance.

Cherry Bark Extract
Cherry bark extract comes from the bark of the wild cherry tree and is reported to have moisturizing and conditioning benefits for the skin, helping to make your skin feel smoother and more toned.

Clove Extract
Extracts from the flower bud of the clove plant have anti-oxidant and antiseptic properties that help to cleanse the skin and maintain a healthy, balanced skin condition.

Bee Pollen Extract
Bee pollen contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Additionally, bee pollen extracts contain a number if antioxidant compounds. Together, these components make bee pollen extracts a wonderful way to rejuvenate and nourish your skin.


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by Yee HuiS

Worth the price

Love this toner and it save my skin as my skin is oily and open pore, after used it and i can feel my skin is improving. Love the smell as so refreshing, a must buy product.



Perfect Toner

I ddint know that our skin needs a toner that is pH normalizer to act as barrier to my skin until I started using Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer. Perfect toner that doesn't clog my pores. it actually prepares my skin for maximum absorption the creams that I will apply after toner. Love this :)


by Khoo

Nice Smell

I have been washing my face for so many years without the use of a toner. I found that this is very easy to use because we just need to spray. The smell is also nice and keeps my skin refreshing.



Skin saver

My face is sensitive hence many products would burn my skin upon application. I was recommended by the Beauty Advisor to use this first before using any products. After 6 months, my skin's pH balance is better as without using this, the products which once left a burning sensation no longer does.

Easy to use as toner too.